Registrar Association: why?

The Association of Registrars wants the Dutch domain industry to grow into one of the leading sectors in the Netherlands. This will be possible because the Association is the place where the knowledge and talent of domain names come together. Our greatest strength is the network of connected participants. We believe that our members deserve a super good .NL zone and that our joint drive of the domain industry is a top sector. Our industry may be seen after all!


How will we accomplish this?

The engine is innovation
This Association creates a positive environment in which members are challenged and encouraged to achieve innovative solutions. Solutions that are useful for the relationship with SIDN and the performance of the domain industry in general.

Talent and skills of the members committed to growth and improvement
The Association uses the unique knowledge and experience of its members to keep a regular check on SIDN. With constructive cooperation we can achieve a higher level of service and a better price / product ratio.


What will we do?

This Association unites the independent registrars of Netherlands in a unique club that combines the individual qualities of its members. The Association connects these Dutch registrars to share knowledge and experience within the domain industry. The Association will also proactively promotes the interests of its members to enable them concentrate on their business.